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3rd Echelon Corp respects every individuals right to privacy. That is why we are committed to securing every type of information we gather so that it is never misused for any reason. This provides you the hows' and whys' of our information gathering practices and how we may use the information we gather. Before we begin, let''s understand the nature of the information that we collect.

IP Addresses
Every computer connected to the Internet has an ID number which uniquely identifies it on the Internet. This ID number is called an IP (Internet Protocol) address. Even if you are behind a firewall, your presence on the Internet is represented by the IP address that is assigned to your firewall. Your IP address is just that, just an ID number. It does not relate to your identity in any way.

Web Browser Cookies
Every web browser is capable of accessing the Internet using a computer language (otherwise known as a protocol). It is the method and format in which information is transferred to and from web sites and web browsers. Sometimes a web site may ask the browser to remmber certain pieces of information to allow quicker access to resources such as logging a user on to the web site, or populate information in a web form. The method used to store the pieces of information are called "Cookies". We may ask your browser to store cookie information regarding your visit to our web site, such as the last time you visited us, your name and possibly your email address. But at no time will any cookie ever store such information as account numbers, credit cards, balances and/or transactions.

Personal Information
At no time can we retrieve your personal information from your computer. There may be parts of our website that requires information about you that we request. This information must be given by you. Once we receive this information, it is used for the sole purpose that it was intended.

What do we do with the information we collect?
The information we collect from our visitors, subscribers and customers may be used to help provide a better browsing experience by customizing searches, offering greater information, providing suggestions that may be more preferred to the web user. Any personal information provided by web users are strictly for service and support inquiries. Only with the permission of each individual woud be share any information to a 3rd party vendor, partner or affiliate and only for related services of interest.

How do we store the information we collect?
When web users submit information, the information is passed along to a processing server, which is within our network. From there, the information is disseminated into various parts for analysis and statistics. The information is then passed along to an encrypted server for analytics and another for submission nd response. If the information is manually submitted by web users, it is then passed along to the appropriate group(s) and/or inividual(s) for delivery. No information ever leaves our control, nor is it ever accessible from outside of our network.

What is the purpose of the information we collect?
First and foremost we always strive to enhance the user experience while visiting our website. Our goal is to provide clear and concise information about our products and services and get right down to the point while minimizing any unnecessary chit-chat. Along with knowing where you are from (from your IP address), whether you are revisiting (detection of cookies) or you are a service subscriber (detection of cookies), being able to nail down what we can do for you and how fast we can do it is best for everyone. By giving us the smallest amount of information, to a full amount as requested by a web form, we can help determine service availability, help you reach customer service, contact technical support or even expedite a contact requests.

What about personal information?
Your name, your email address (both provided by you in any of our web forms) and your network information (IP address, it is automatically collected to a visit to any web site) is no ones' business but yours! Your right to privacy is extremely important and that we do respect. We only ask for personal information when you inquire and products, services, customer or technical support and it i used only as intended.

What information is used for statistical analytics?
Your email host name (such as gmail.com or microsoft.com) is never shared. Your IP address is also never shared, but they do proide a good amount of information to analyze traffic patterns based on service interest, marketing and advertising programs and service inquiries. As such, our systems automatically analyze this information. Email addresses are grouped into 2 groups, public (gmail, yahoo. hotmail, etc) and private (personal email from your ISP, corporate email from your workplace). With regards to personal email addresses, we only look at personal as corporate versus personal. With regards to public email services, we only consider the provider used. Your email address, username, first and/or last name is never part of our analytics.

Your IP address information is only used to determine your continent, country, and city as well as whether you are connecting from a corporate network or your personal ISP. Again, these are simply for analytics to help us to determine what services we may be able to offer and how we may be able to improve our existing portfolio of services.

Web sites that send you to us are known as referrers. Referreers are also used to note where we may have put effort into marketing and partnering with other sites to offer products and services. Referral information is also used for our analytics programs.

What is the purpose of your analytics programs?
Over all, the purpose of our analytics program is to assess the usefulness of advertising and marketing in specific markets and venues. As well, our analytics allows us to see what markets have a higher demand than others for specific service offerings we have, as well as our partners and affiliates.

How much spam should I expect from you if I give you my email address?
None! If you do not want to be contacted about products and services you did not inquire about, don't check the box that tells us to send you email. For some reason people feel compelled to check that box! We'd completely understand if you did not check that box. But on the other hand, if you want to know about a service we currently o not offer and a month later we do offer it, it would be pretty nice to know if you're still looking. Also, no email we send is unsolicited. If you give us your email address and permision, we may notify you about additional products and services. In the unlikely event that one of our affiliates or partners happen to send you unsolicited email, just let us know and we will give them a piece of our mind!

On another note, 3rd Echelon Corp takes a strong stand against unsolicited email (spam). We do not encourage it, condone it or approve of it in any way. We have taken many extreme measures to ensure that no spam is ever sent from our networks. Additionally, if you received any email that may be construed as spam from our networks, please contact our abuse department by clicking here.

Do you share my information with Law Enforcement?
No, we're not narcs, rats, informers, finks, canaries, scabs, snakes, snitches, squealers, stoolies, tipsters, weasels, whistle-blowers, deep throats, double-crossers, sneaks, tattlers or turncoats, but we do have a legitimate business to run. As such, we may act in good faith with specific branches of law enforcement if there is suspected activity that may affect 3rd Echelon Corp, and/or its' customers by sharing limited information. All other information will not be shared with any branch or agency of law enforcement without a valid warrant for such information issued by a jurisdictional court that requires our full responsibility. And as such, the order must specifically state the specific information required as we do not provide results for vague or blanket orders.

What information will you discard?
We only collect information as specified on this page. No other information is collected, therefore no information is discarded. Only in the case that a child is or under the age of 13 years old submits any personal information, as described by the US Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we will immediately discard such information.

For futher information regarding our online privacy statement, you can contact us by clicking here.

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